Unique Items You Can Find At The Costco Food Court In France

Costco shopper in front of food court menu
Costco shopper in front of food court menu - Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock

One of the best aspects of making a Costco run is grabbing a bite to eat in the food court after your shopping trip is complete. However, some American fans of the warehouse retail store were flabbergasted by a recent Reddit post detailing what the Paris Costco offers in its food court. In addition to the world-famous Costco hot dogs, Parisian Costco members also have access to coffee, fries, Cobb salads, crispy chicken fillets, and BBQ pizza. It was this last option that caused the biggest uproar on social media.

"BBQ Chicken Pizza?! in France of all places?" exclaimed one aggrieved party, while another commenter asked, "We got a mediocre roast beef sandwich instead of BBQ chicken pizza?" The presence of fries was also a point of contention, as they're notably absent on American food court menus. And while Costo locations in the U.S. do offer a chicken Caesar salad, Cobb salad fans are left out in the cold, unless they want to hop a plane to experience all the delights Paris Costco has to offer.

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Pizza Options At American Locations Are Pretty Slim

Costco pepperoni pizza
Costco pepperoni pizza - grandbrothers/Shutterstock

A decadent American delight, BBQ chicken pizza may seem like a strange option in Paris, France. However, it remains a draw for many Costco members, particularly on social media. According to an Instagram post showcasing the different Costco food court items in France, this option was especially enticing. And the brief image of the pizza slice presented in the post does look quite tasty thanks to the sizable chunks of chicken, generous drizzling of barbecue sauce, and ample servings of cheese.

Even using a handy food court hack, if you want to get your pizza fix in an American location, you basically have two options. Shoppers can enjoy a slice or whole pie of either plain cheese or pepperoni. In the past, Costco offered a combo pizza, which consisted of onions, sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, and mushrooms. However, this pizza option was discontinued, although Costco never really gave a reason why. It's likely that the pie simply didn't resonate with shoppers or that it proved too challenging to staff members due to all the toppings.

The Roast Beef Sandwich No One Asked For

Costco roast beef sandwich
Costco roast beef sandwich - Irwin Santos/Facebook

In the Reddit thread listing the Paris Costco's impressive food court offerings, many people lamented the presence of the roast beef sandwich in American locations. While the sandwich seems appealing in theory, reviews of Costco roast beef on Reddit were not quite glowing. In fact, many people were downright appalled.

"Just had one of these and it was honestly atrocious," stated one commenter, while another posited, "I'm not sure if the company is trolling us or not. It was ok at best." One person even took the time to break down what made the sandwich so lackluster, concluding, "Too much bread; too little meat. Not a fan of mustard on roast beef." While the sandwich itself ruffled quite a few feathers, the $9.99 price tag was even more egregious.

The disappointment of Costco's roast beef sandwich begs the question: Why are the chain's American food court offerings so limited? While Costco has never given an official explanation of how it decides which food court items to offer, some believe that changes during the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the store paring back its food court selection. Whether or not that's the case, it's a little disheartening to know that French Costco shoppers are enjoying BBQ pizza and fries while American members must subsist on unappealing roast beef sandwiches and lackluster chicken bakes.

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