Unexploded WW2 found and detonated on Jersey's east coast

Bomb disposal experts in Jersey have safely disposed of a World War Two bomb discovered on the island's east coast.

A member of the public reported the unexploded shell, which was found south of Seymour Tower, La Rocque, to Jersey Coastguard on Friday.

Due to the tides, authorities were unable to begin their investigation until about 13:00 GMT on Saturday, the Coastguard said.

Officials said the device was a 105mm German anti-aircraft shell.

'Do not touch'

The Coastguard said the duty harbour master, along with Jersey's bomb disposal team, were able to locate the bomb during low water at about 14:45 and the device was made safe within an hour.

Bomb disposal experts detonated it on location.

Jersey Coastguard said members of the public should report similar finds straight away.

"If you come across anything that looks like this, do not approach it, do not touch it and stay well clear of it," a spokesperson said.

"Call the Coastguard and report it straight away. You can use [location app] W3W or the compass app on your phone to give an accurate location."

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