Bonkers underboob 'office wear' shocks shoppers

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It’s 2021 and many of us are dying to get back into the office after almost a full year of working remotely or being cooped up at home thanks to coronavirus.

After spending all year in tracksuits and old T-shirts, however, returning to office wear could pose a challenge to many of us as we struggle to get used to uncomfy clothes again, and to remember what was considered appropriate work attire.

Pretty Little Thing office wear
A very unusual take on 'office wear' has workers retreating to their home offices. Photo: Pretty Little Thing

Well, it looks like some people’s concept of the work wardrobe got a little scrambled in the general mayhem of 2020, and in 2021 online fashion brand Pretty Little Thing has left shopper completely perplexed with a truly baffling, and very racy new type of collared shirt.

Modelled by bikini and fashion model Sofia Jamora, the Blue Woven Collared Curved Underbust Cropped Shirt is as confusing a contraption as it’s lengthy and descriptive name suggests, but it’s currently on sale for $11 at a whopping 80%.


From collar-bone up the shirt appears to be a run of the mill dress shirt for ladies.

From there down, however, things get... interesting.

Held together in the centre by a single button and thread, the shirt haphazardly sits atop the chest, it’s curved hemline flirting with a wardrobe malfunction and giving the wearer some generous underboob.. sorry underbust.

Cropped Office shirt top Pretty Little Thing
The entire ensemble is a sight to behold. Photo: Pretty Little Thing

Paired with a smart black business skirt, the entire look is at once wildly inappropriate for the office, and yet seems to be suited to no other possible setting.

Shoppers roast ‘scary’ outfit

Needless to say, several comments could help but gentle poke fun at what might be the world’s least practical item of clothing.

“Hopefully she doesn't have to lift her arms for any reason,” one concerned consumer wrote.

“How about this for new work uniform,” another cheekily suggested.

“Well it’s long sleeved at least,” another pointed out.

“This looks scary like what if it pops!?” another wondered.

It may be a brand new year, but if this is where office wear is headed, we may just return to our doonas and ugg boots for another few months or so.

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