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Did you know your hair brushes can get really dirty and even moldy? That’s why TikTok is obsessed with this easy-to-clean one

A few months ago, a coworker told me she replaces her hair brush every month and asked how often I replace mine. My answer: Almost never! Until recently, I’ve had the same flat paddle hairbrush for at least five years. I only got a new one because the back of the brush was starting to rip. I asked my hairstylist a week later, and she told me that she hardly replaces her brushes but cleans them often. Suddenly, I felt pretty grossed out by my behavior. I’m such a clean freak — how did I not think about cleaning my hair brushes?

Bacteria, yeast, dust and hair products can accumulate on your brush. If you have a padded brush that you often use on your wet hair, it can even get moldy. But even if your brush isn’t moldy, brushing your hair with a dirty one can cause dandruff and acne on your scalp and put all those gross things back into your clean locks. That’s one of the reasons TikTok’s latest viral brush, the UNbrush, is actually so good for your hair.

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At first glance, the UNbrush looks like a regular brush. But it doesn’t have a pad or a back, so it’s easy to wash. Also, you know how some brush bristles have little plastic balls on top? They might feel soft on your scalp, but hair products, oil and more often build up on those little things. The Unbrush’s bristles don’t have those, and they’re totally straight.

If you search “UNbrush” on TikTok, there are over 60 million video views. One beauty guru, @kay_caputo, shows her viewers how much cleaner an Unbrush can be in a video from earlier this month. Other people rave about how it detangles hair fast and is great for use on wet hair.

While many people buy the UNbrush on the TikTok shop, it’s selling out there fast. Luckily, you can get it on Amazon for $18 in seven colors. Keep in mind that there are a lot of dupes out there, but the original Unbrush has small octagons (or little stop signs) on the back and says “UNbrush” on the handle.

In addition to giving your hair a clean start, a new hair brush can offer a better brushing experience overall. “A fresh hairbrush offers proper smoothing, tension and contouring support when styling with minimal friction or pulling for the hair,” hairstylist Nick Stenson of Nick Stenson Beauty once told In The Know. Less friction means less breakage and fewer split ends.

While I haven’t personally tried the UNbrush, I’m about to because I placed my order after seeing it on TikTok this morning. I wouldn’t use a sweaty, dirty towel on my body after getting out of the shower — I’m not about to use a dirty, moldy brush on my clean hair.

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