Unbelievably cheap petrol find has motorists lining up for kilometres: 'It's legit'

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Aussies have been stung by high petrol prices for some time now, but one motorist’s lucky find proves that incredible fuel bargains can still be found.

Rumours of petrol for less than $1 per litre began circulating Facebook groups on Thursday, with many lucky motorists shocked to discover that one Victorian fuel station wasn’t kidding around with its drastically reduced prices.

Sharing a photo to the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group, a motorist revealed that unleaded petrol was only 99.9 cents per litre at the Mobil service station on Hovell Street in Wodonga, near the New South Wales border.

"Big win today, $19 to fill up my Yaris," the Victorian woman wrote.

E10 was also advertised at 99.9 cents per litre, while diesel was advertised at 219.9 cents.

Motorist's photograph showing unleaded petrol for only 99.9c per litre
The motorist said cars lined up throughout the afternoon to snag the petrol bargain. Source: Facebook

The Facebook user later clarified that all fuel was reduced to the same low price due to the amount of people who came to fill up their cars.

“When I got to the bowser the guy said it was all the same price because so many people showed up,” she wrote.

She also shared a photo showing dozens of cars lined up as drivers waited to take advantage of the incredible fuel bargains, stating that the queue rounded a corner into a side street.

Cars lined up down street
Cars were reportedly lined up for kilometres along Wodonga's main road and into a side street as drivers waited to take advantage of the cheap fuel prices. Source: Facebook

Many group members were in disbelief at the low prices, wondering if a number was removed from the sign, or if it was an April Fool's Day prank.

The motorist admitted that she suspected the cheap fuel price was some sort of joke, but was glad she took the chance to check it out anyway.

“It’s legit... I only had to wait 40 minutes, not bad considering,” she wrote in a later comment.

Another group member confirmed the amazing petrol price discovery in a response to the post, writing: "$47 to fill my territory and I waited for about halfa."

Group shares more cheap fuel finds

Recently announced cuts to the fuel excise tax will reduce prices in two weeks, but many group members are already noticing small decreases in fuel costs at their local service stations.

“Melbourne has dropped down to 189.9 around me!” one person said.

“Here's me thinking $1.78 in the WA countryside was good...” wrote another.

“Still $1.90 here at Melton,” commented a third.

“We have fuel for $1.74 right now hallelujah,” added a fourth.

Responding to intrigued bargain hunters, the author of the original post claimed the reason for the price drop was that the managers of the Mobil service station were emptying all the tanks in preparation for new owners to take over the following day.

Regardless, she said being able to fill up at such a low price made her week.

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