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Cheryl Burke is 'choosing not to date' amid divorce: 'It’s not just about swiping left to see who looks good'

Cheryl Burke is stepping into a new phase of her life. The Dancing With the Stars pro, 38, recently split from her husband, Matthew Lawrence. Now, she is learning how to feel comfortable being alone after “grieving” the end of her marriage. For now, she's "choosing not to date," she says.
“It's just me and my Frenchie,” she tells Yahoo Life. “I've been sober now for four years, and with that comes self-reflecting. I'm like a sponge, and I'm just learning to love myself and really learning to be alone instead of lonely. I think it's very important for me to establish that relationship with myself so that I don't continue on that same pattern of men and relationships.”
When the time comes for the Dance Moms alum to date, she says she’s shunning the dating apps in favor of an old-school approach to meeting someone.
“I’m all about matchmakers,” she says. “I know statistics show that they have a high rate. It’s not just about swiping left to see who looks good and what occupation they do — it’s deeper than that.”
What she’s most focused on at the moment, however, is feeling comfortable with herself. Burke, who previously opened up about her past with sexual abuse, has a self-care routine that includes transcendental meditation and therapy. One important thing she has learned through both practices is the idea that “we are not our thoughts,” but rather “observers” of our thoughts.