Your Ultimate 2024 Cancer Horoscope, as Predicted by a Celebrity Astrologer

Here's how celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas predicts the love lives, careers and intellectual pursuits for Cancer will be impacted in 2024.


Get ready to make the most of the year, Cancer!

Marking the seventh sign of the zodiac, falling after Gemini and before Leo, Cancer season spans from June 21 to July 22 each year.

Celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas tells PEOPLE exclusively that 2024 "brings many opportunities for all zodiac signs" in various facets of their lives — but for Cancer specifically, he says "you have so much to look forward to in many ways."

This is due to various cycles that began in 2023, says Thomas — who's known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives and prominent influencers — though he notes you’ll still feel Pluto's energy, which has been felt since 2008.

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"You’re no stranger to Pluto's intense life lessons that have dramatically affected your partnerships in business or love," says Thomas, who notes its energy "won’t haunt you" after this year. Therefore, he says to "take the wisdom you’ve accumulated and set your sights on new horizons ahead."

Among the areas Thomas predicts will be impacted the most in 2024 include "true love and romance, creativity and passion, hobbies or sports, or even children and pregnancy."

Thomas' upcoming year's predictions derive from patterns based on "planetary movement," plus the stars' alignment with the sun and the moon. He says we will continue experiencing eclipses on the axis of Aries-Libra, so its corresponding themes "will be thrust center stage" regardless of your sign.

Read on for the ultimate 2024 Cancer horoscope, according to Kyle Thomas' predictions!

Career and Productivity

<p>Getty</p> Cancer zodiac sign.


Cancer zodiac sign.

Worried about the intensity of Pluto's energy? Have no fear because Saturn (the planet of strength) is aligned with you, too!

Thomas says this alignment "is giving you greater access to personal and professional growth." He adds you may feel a deep urge to "explore new adventures, take chances, or build a consistent practice of education, spirituality, or travel."

You may also feel encouraged "to pursue more international business or relations" as a result of Saturn's energy, which could "ultimately bring you a more enlightened vision of the world."

Thomas says others may feel called to "go back to school, begin work on publishing or media projects, or decide it’s time to move to a distant location." If you're only seeking internal spiritual growth, he predicts "all of these areas can shine for you."

In late autumn, Thomas says an eclipse "will also bring an important moment around one of these themes," too!

Health and Wellness

Health is wealth! Though, Thomas says there's also literally a "great potential for increased wealth and resources from your career." This is thanks to Jupiter (the planet of expansion and prosperity).

However, Thomas says this fortune will only be activated by Jupiter until June. Meanwhile, Pluto (the planet of transformation) will activate an exciting area of your chart, too.

"This could be a time of great abundance," Thomas predicts. The territory activated by Pluto "deals with inheritances, stocks, investments, settlements, royalties and big money matters most of the year."

Plus, Thomas says a "powerful eclipse" in the spring will bring "great attention to your ambitions, recognition and goals" during that time. "It will likely elicit the beginning or ending of a job, a spotlight or award," he adds.

Family and Friendships

<p>Getty</p> Cancer zodiac sign.


Cancer zodiac sign.

Thomas says the year could "take on a slower and more reflective vibe after May," but you're "certain to have an absolutely joyous time prior to that."

That's because Jupiter "will be expanding luck around your entire life" and "especially in relation to friends, supporters, your network, fans and communities," he explains. "Popularity could be yours!"

Furthermore, Thomas puts forth the idea that a soulmate "could come your way during that time," whether it be romantically or platonically.

Around spring and autumn, Thomas predicts "important transitions around your home, family or domestic life are also likely to occur, even if it’s as simple as moving house or changing a roommate."

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Love and Relationships

The beginning of 2024 will have you "fired up to make long-term plans or find a partner," says Thomas — or rather, "conflict" might occur if there’s been underlying challenges.

However, he says autumn will have you feeling "sexy and in charge!"

Thomas warns, though, that Mars (the planet of energy and war) will retrograde in your zodiac sign and "could cause friction" or "stagnation" in relationships at the end of the year and into 2025.

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