Ukrenergo named the period when power outages will really affect Ukrainians

Roman Grabchak, Head of the Department of Balance Reliability of NPC Ukrenergo, spoke about the situation with outages
Roman Grabchak, Head of the Department of Balance Reliability of NPC Ukrenergo, spoke about the situation with outages

July will be the most difficult month for Ukrainians for power outages, and will act as a dress rehearsal ahead of Winter 2024-25, said Ukrenergo representative Roman Hrabchak.

Hrabchak, who heads Ukrenergo's balance sheet reliability department, was discussing the "Summer Outlooks: assessment of readiness for risks in the electric power and gas sector" presentation to the DiXi Group analytical center.

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Ukraine has passed the seasonal minimum of electricity consumption, and the following will contribute to its further increase:

  • The seasonal factor (for example, the increase in the use of air conditioners on hot days)

  • The seasonal drop in the availability of water resources for hydropower plants

  • The shutdown of NPP power units for scheduled repairs and maintenance so that they can operate safely in winter

  • The shutdown of thermal power plants for the summer period, because they cannot generate electricity without heating the coolant, which is not needed in the warm season

"We consider July to be the most difficult month," Hrabchak said.

Speaking about distributed generation, Hrabchak is convinced that not all equipment that can autonomously generate electricity should be included in this category.

Gas piston stations, cogeneration plants, etc., must be permanently connected to the network so that Ukrenergo dispatchers can consider them when balancing the system.

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Distributed generation is much more expensive, which in the long run may affect the competitiveness of Ukrainian products.

Import is also not a panacea, because there are restrictions on the part of counterparties - the countries of Eastern Europe.

Ukrenergo called the summer of 2024 a dress rehearsal for the winter of 2024-25 when the deficit will be compounded by cooler weather.

Therefore, it is necessary to demand that local authorities recover circulation pumps and implement other measures to support heating in high-rise buildings and other buildings.

The Trypillia TPP in Kyiv Oblast was destroyed in an April 11 Russian attack, resulting in a 100% loss of Centrenergo's generation.

DniproHES lost both power plants in March 2024. The dam survived, but the equipment was destroyed, the restoration of the Dnipro HPP will take years.

The TPP-5 in Kharkiv was destroyed. Its restoration is equivalent to building a new plant, which will also take years.

Kharkiv Oblast's Zmiivska TPP (Centrenergo) was destroyed.

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DTEK Group (owned by Rinat Akhmetov) reported an 80% loss in generation.

All units of the Burshtyn and Ladyzhyn TPPs were damaged.

A gas storage facility in western Ukraine also suffered damage.

Two HPPs were decommissioned as of May 9.

Controlled emergency power outages were introduced in all regions of Ukraine from May 14.

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