Ukrainians abroad: their number, what countries they choose, and how many of them may not return

Ukrainians abroad
Ukrainians abroad

4.9 million Ukrainians stay abroad due to the war as of the end of January 2024, the largest share of Ukrainian refugees in Europe is resided in Germany (30%), and Poland (22%); up to 2.3 million people may remain outside Ukraine, Center for Economic Strategy (CES) reported in their third wave of research dedicated to Ukrainian refugees.

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How many Ukrainians are currently abroad, in which countries the majority of them stay and how many may not return?

4.9 million Ukrainians are abroad due to the war, as of the end of Jan. 2024. The vast majority of refugees are women and children, with the largest share being women aged 35-44 at 13%.

The largest share of Ukrainian refugees in Europe are in Germany (30%) and Poland (22%). The largest countries outside the EU in terms of the number of Ukrainians accepted since the beginning of the full-scale invasion are the United States (280,000), the United Kingdom (253,200), and Canada (210,200).

Somewhere between 1.4 million and 2.3 million Ukrainians remain outside Ukraine under various scenarios, despite the fact that many countries are gradually reducing spending on refugees and making conditions for them more stringent.

What can stimulate Ukrainians to return to their homeland?

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The CES has outlined some scenarios that may encourage Ukrainians to return:

• cooperation with EU countries regarding the return of Ukrainians after the war

• rapid post-war reconstruction of the affected territories

• assistance to people from affected and occupied oblasts during their reconstruction

• development of public-private partnerships

• increasing resources for communication with compatriots abroad through diplomatic missions

• simplifying the reintegration of children to study in Ukrainian schools and admission of Ukrainian foreign schools’ graduates to Ukrainian universities

• granting Ukrainians freedom of movement and choice of residence, similar to EU citizens

International delivery of Ukrainian driver's licenses is now available in 5 more countries: Sweden, Georgia, Portugal, Greece, and Norway. It was already available in another 27 European countries.

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