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Ukrainian soldiers show crazy feats of courage in new extreme video challenge – nerve-wracking videos

Such tests tickle the nerves even of an outside observer
Such tests tickle the nerves even of an outside observer

Ukrainian soldiers are showing the world their courage every day as they beat back the Russian invaders.

Now they are sharing some crazy feats of courage with everyone online.

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Ukrainian soldiers are lying underneath moving tanks or helicopters flying dangerously low above hem in what seems to be an emerging new extreme trend to test their strength and prove their bravery, as seen in multiple videos shared on social media.

These acts are so extreme that they can wrack the nerves even of onlookers, let alone the fearless soldiers performing the feats.

Clearly, there is no lack of determination or sense of humor on the Ukrainian frontlines.

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It's worth noting that such extreme actions can be nerve-wracking even for an outside observer, let alone for the soldiers themselves who undertake these challenges. But, there is clearly no lack of determination and sense of humor among them.

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