Ukrainian prisoners of war tortured in Russia - UN report

UN report says Ukrainian prisoners of war are being tortured in Russian captivity
UN report says Ukrainian prisoners of war are being tortured in Russian captivity

Ukrainian prisoners of war suffer torture while held captive by Russia, the United Nations Independent International Commission on Investigations of Violations in Ukraine reported. The commission detailed the appalling treatment prisoners have faced in Russia.

The testimonies of victims reveal the extreme brutality, intense pain, and suffering they endured during prolonged detention. These acts were carried out with flagrant disregard for human dignity, resulting in deep physical and psychological trauma that persists long after their release, the report said.

A Ukrainian serviceman held captive and tortured by Russian authorities in multiple detention centers described his experience at a correctional colony in Donskoy city, located in Russia's Tula Oblast.

The serviceman endured constant torture that left him with broken bones, missing teeth, and gangrene on his injured foot.

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"I lost all hope and will to live," the soldier said.

He recounted how he tried to take his own life, but the perpetrators began beating him. After being released from captivity, the soldier was hospitalized 36 times.

The analytical portal DeepState released a video on Feb. 25, showing the execution of Ukrainian servicemen captured on the Bakhmut front. Russian occupying forces killed nine unarmed soldiers, who were likely from the 92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces or attached units.

Russian occupying forces executed six Ukrainian prisoners of war on Feb. 18, who had remained at the Museum position (formerly the Zenith military base) in Avdiivka after the retreat of the Ukrainian army from the city. Four of the executed prisoners were wounded and unable to leave the encirclement with the other Ukrainian soldiers, DeepState reported.

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The Prosecutor General's Office announced investigations into the shooting of six Ukrainian prisoners of war at the Zenith position in Avdiivka and two others in Vesele village, Donetsk Oblast.

The Prosecutor's Office announced on Feb. 20, they had opened an investigation into the reported shooting of Ukrainian prisoners of war near Robotyne in Zaporizhzhya Oblast. Russian occupying forces killed three Ukrainian National Guard fighters from the 3rd Operational Brigade Spartan during an assault on their defensive position, DeepState said.

Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are investigating 18 criminal cases involving the murder of 38 Ukrainian prisoners of war by Russian invaders, Attorney General Andriy Kostin said.

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