Ukrainian poet and volunteer Serhiy Zhadan publishes video of Khartiia Brigade fighters amid rumors about his mobilization

Serhiy Zhadan
Serhiy Zhadan

Rumors circulating in the media suggest that Ukrainian writer, poet, musician, and volunteer Serhiy Zhadan might mobilize with the Khartiia Brigade of the National Guard, with no official comment from Zhadan, who instead shared a video showcasing the Brigade's combat operations.

Serhiy Zhadan intrigued Ukrainian society publishing a video of Khartiia Brigade in response to a request from his subscribers to comment on the news of him joining the Armed Forces, which was spread by the media earlier.

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He posted a video of soldiers of the 13th Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, Khartiia, utilizing drone to hoist the Ukrainian flag atop a power line pole within enemy territory.

"Because where the Khartiia is, the national flag of Ukraine always flies!" Zhadan commented on the video, neither confirming nor denying the rumors that are circulating in the Ukrainian media.

On the one hand, this could be a confirmation of the news, and on the other, he could have been greeting the Khartiia fighters on the Day of the National Guard of Ukraine, which is celebrated in Ukraine on March 26.

Khartiia was formed as a volunteer unit at the beginning of the full-scale war. Its soldiers defended Kharkiv Oblast and were among the first to reach the border with Russia during counteroffensive in September 2022. Now soldiers of the Khartiia are defending the Kupyansk-Lyman direction.

Serhiy Zhadan raised funds for this brigade in his charity tours.

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Journalist Maria Malevska reported that Serhiy Zhadan was going to join Khartiia Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, citing Zhadan's own words on national TV on March 25.

Ukrainian writer and translator Ostap Ukrainets said that he had decided to mobilize to the Armed Forces and is already at the training center on March 26.

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