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Ukrainian helicopters flying freely on the Zaporizhzhya front shock Kremlin’s ‘Z-bloggers’

Helicopters flew at an extremely low altitude
Helicopters flew at an extremely low altitude

Ukrainian helicopters flying freely over the recently liberated Robotyne area in Zaporizhzhya Oblast took Russian occupiers by surprise.

The video of the helicopters, flying at an extremely low altitude for safety reasons, was shared on Telegram by so-called Russian "Z-bloggers," pro-war influencers generally symbolized by the letter Z.

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"The helicopters flew by freely. Where did they come from? I don't know. But they were seen in Robotyne, flying west towards Kopani. They completed their mission and then headed north... This is already the second documented case of such a maneuver by the Ukrainian Armed Forces," the Kremlin propagandists complained in shock.

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