Ukrainian authorities refute Russian fakes about massive ‘offensive’ in Sumy Oblast

Consequences of the Russian attack on the Sumy Oblast
Consequences of the Russian attack on the Sumy Oblast

Russia is once again spreading misinformation on social networks about a massive offensive in Sumy Oblast, the regional administration reported on Telegram on March 12.

This is a fabricated narrative designed to instigate destabilization and heighten panic among the Oblast’s residents, the statement said.

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There are currently no Russian strike groups near the borders of Sumy Oblast, said the regional governor, Volodymyr Artiukh.

The Sumy Oblast Military Administration and district military administrations, the municipality leadership, and law enforcement agencies are in place, the statement said.

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“The Ukrainian Armed Forces are ready for any challenges and, if necessary, can give a worthy rebuff to the enemy,” the message said.

The Russian army earlier reportedly dropped two guided aerial bombs on the Velykopysarivska municipality in Sumy Oblast, injuring two children and one adult.

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