Ukrainian Armed Forces need new brigade formation strategy — Ben Hodges

Ukrainian Armed Forces
Ukrainian Armed Forces

Former US Forces in Europe commander, Ben Godges, told NV why Ukraine should establish new brigades and continue training even during hostilities.

During the war, young officers often pay with their lives because they are visible on the front lines and responsible for leading soldiers.

"As a result, there is typically a higher casualty rate among young leaders.," he explained.

That's why, it is crucial to actively develop the skills of junior officers from cadet level onward.

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"I was in Iraq for two years and Afghanistan for a year," Hodges said, "and even during combat operations, we continually focused on leadership development, training officers to learn from mistakes."

He also urged Ukraine to recruit more people into the Armed forces of Ukraine to form new brigades. This will enable the command to rotate units out of the combat zone for 3-4 months, allowing for recovery, rest, equipment replenishment, training, and then redeployment to the battlefield."

But the Ukrainian Armed Forces will need even more recruits to conduct offensive operations, not only defensive ones, as now.

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