Ukraine's SBU detains Donetsk woman for spying on troop movements

A Russian agent spying on the Ukrainian Armed Forces detained in Donetsk Oblast
A Russian agent spying on the Ukrainian Armed Forces detained in Donetsk Oblast

Ukraine's SBU security service has detained a 25-year-old resident of Donetsk Oblast, accusing her of collecting intelligence on the movement of Ukrainian military forces and equipment, the SBU announced on Telegram on April 30.

Recruited by Russian special services during the occupation of Yampil, a village in Donetsk Oblast, the suspect initially served as a "sleeper" agent. This spring, she became actively involved in gathering intelligence. According to law enforcement, her activities included traveling through the area and discreetly obtaining vital information from contacts.

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Officials noted that her primary objective was to pinpoint locations and usage of pontoon bridge complexes for transporting heavy weaponry across local rivers, information that the Russians planned to use to target Ukrainian units and coordinate ground combat operations.

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The woman was apprehended in Slovyansk. During her arrest, authorities confiscated multiple phones used for secret communications with Russian special services, frequently switching accounts to maintain secrecy.

She has been charged with state treason under Part 2 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and could face life imprisonment if convicted.

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