Ukraine's Parliament to review hundreds of amendments to the key draft bill

Ukrainian parliament
Ukrainian parliament

The Ukrainian Parliament's National Security Committee is gearing up to examine 700 proposed amendments to a pivotal military draft bill,  MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak reported on Telegram on March 27.

Reviewing these amendments would bring the bill's completion status to 82%.  A single committee session might suffice to address these changes, according to Zheleznyak.

The committee plans daily work on the bill, said MP Yuri Zdebskyi to The focus will particularly be on amendments related to contract service within the armed forces.

In a previous session, the committee ruled out suggestions that would mandate the timing of basic military training for 18-year-olds, a move that would have made young adults immediately eligible for the draft.

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The government introduced a revised version of the draft bill (No. 10449) to the parliament on Jan. 30. The proposed changes include issuing draft notices through a digital platform for conscripts, reducing the draft age to 25, setting a 36-month demobilization term, allowing voluntary enlistment for convicts, imposing restrictions on draft evasion, and enforcing a rule that bars individuals from civil service roles without military training.

The bill passed first reading in the Parliament on Feb. 7.

Parliamentary National Security Committee began considering the conscription bill for the second reading on Feb. 27.

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