Ukraine's Air Defense eliminates all drones over Kyiv, another four over Mykolaiv Oblast

Ukrainian Air Defense
Ukrainian Air Defense

Russia launched a Shahed kamikaze drone attack at southern Ukraine and Ukraine's capital, with Ukraine's Air Defense destroying all drones approaching Kyiv and another four over Mykolaiv Oblast, Kyiv officials and the Ukrainian Navy reported on April 23.

The overnight air raid alarm in Kyiv was declared due to the threat of a drone attack, Kyiv City Council head, Serhiy Popko, noted.

The drones were launched from Russia’s Kursk Oblast, flew through Sumy and Cherkasy oblasts, and approached Kyiv from the southwest, preliminary reports said.

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"All enemy targets were destroyed by air defense (what exactly was used, and what number was involved in repelling the attack will be published by the Air Force in its reports)," Popko wrote.

No damage or victims were immediately reported in the capital, though operational data is being clarified, he said.

Four Russian drones were also shot down over Mykolaiv Oblast, the Ukrainian Navy reported about its overnight work on Telegram.

Seven people were injured, including two children, and residential buildings were damaged in Odesa as a result of the Russian attack.

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