Ukraine’s SBU caught Russian informants in Kherson, allegedly plotting aerial attacks

SBU detains group of Russian informers in Kherson
SBU detains group of Russian informers in Kherson

Ukraine’s SBU security service has apprehended a group of Russian informants in Kherson who were aiding in the preparation of a series of aerial attacks on the city, the SBU reported on Telegram on April 2.

The four individuals, employees of local transportation companies, now face up to eight years in prison.

The planned attacks primarily targeted locations serving as temporary bases for Ukrainian forces, including units of the SBU and the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the report said.

Two suspects, both bus drivers, monitored the military equipment movement while transporting passengers. The other two, dispatchers at transportation companies, conducted city reconnaissance in their free time. The suspects allegedly established contacts with personnel at local gas stations and stores to gather information about the results of previous attacks. This information was relayed to the group’s leader, who later reported to Russian military intelligence.

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The information collected by the suspects was intended for use in planning new attacks and adjusting subsequent strikes on the city, the SBU said.

Ukrainian law enforcement officers discovered Kremlin symbolism, insignia of the Russian National Guard, and other items during searches of the suspected Russian informants’residences.

The SBU investigators have informed the four detainees of the suspicion of unauthorized dissemination of information about the Ukrainian Armed Forces (Part 2 of Article 114-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), with a maximum punishment of up to eight years of imprisonment.

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