Ukraine restores power to over a million consumers after Russian attack

Consequences of the Russian aggressor country's missile attack in Khmelnytskyi
Consequences of the Russian aggressor country's missile attack in Khmelnytskyi

Engineers have restored electricity supply to over a million Ukrainian consumers after a major Russian missile strike on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, Ukrainian Energy Ministry reported on March 22.

The ministry noted that as of 8 p.m., all miners trapped in depowered mines had been brought to the surface. Power was restored to 310,000 consumers in Kharkiv. However, in Kharkiv Oblast, 360,000 consumers remained without electricity. All critical infrastructure facilities in the region have been powered, the message adds.

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In Odesa Oblast, 177,000 consumers remain without power. Emergency rolling blackouts were implemented to prevent power grid overloads in the region.

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According to the ministry, 32,577 consumers are still left without power in Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, and Sumy oblasts.

Early in the morning on March 22, Russia attacked Ukraine’s energy infrastructure with a mixture of cruise and ballistic missiles, preceded by a wave of kamikaze drones. A total of 151 drones and missiles were involved in the attack, with Ukraine’s air defenses intercepting 92 of them, including 55 UAVs and 37 missiles.

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