Ukraine permitted to target only 16% of Russian sites after U.S. policy shift on strikes inside Russia

Ukrainian soldiers
Ukrainian soldiers

The Biden administration's allowance for limited Ukrainian strikes inside Russia with American-supplied weapons has reduced the size of Russia's "safe space" by just 16%,  the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported.

U.S. policy still bans Ukraine from using ATACMS and other American-supplied weapons to strike the vast majority of targets deep into Russia, preserving at least 84 percent of Russia's ground sanctuary,

Senior U.S. officials described Ukraine's ability to strike Russian territory with the GMLRS as counter-battery and geographically limited to Kharkiv Oblast, the report said.

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Ukrainian forces can strike Russian military facilities "located directly across the [Ukrainian] border," suggesting that Ukraine may be prohibited from striking Russian military facilities further behind or in other areas of Kursk and Bryansk oblasts.

U.S. statements also indicate that Ukrainian forces may be limited in striking Russian military facilities that do not actively participate in ground attacks and strikes against Ukraine, the ISW added.

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