Ukraine moves to limit satellite photography over its territory

Avdiivka, March 2024
Avdiivka, March 2024

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry is cooperating with one of the largest satellite companies to restrict imaging over Ukrainian territory, Deputy Defense Minister Kateryna Chernohorenko said on May 1.

According to the announcement, Kyiv aims to reduce access to near real-time intelligence on its military assets provided by commercial orbital photography.

The ministry did not disclose the company's name for security reasons but confirmed meetings with its leadership to discuss restrictions on space imaging of Ukraine.

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Chernohorenko said that Russia could be using commercially available satellite images of Ukraine, adding that Ukraine is grateful to its partners for their willingness to cooperate

"In times of war, we must minimize the risks of the enemy using photos of Ukraine," she said.

At the same time, the ministry said it would continue its contract with the satellite company to order up-to-date images for national defense and security purposes.

In March, The Atlantic reported, that Russia might be using satellite images from U.S. companies to plan missile strikes on Ukraine. The source described hundreds of cases where Russian missiles hit a site shortly after it was photographed by commercial satellites. In some instances, another satellite would then record the aftermath of the strikes.

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