Ukraine hits Russian ferries in Crimea, stopping operations — UK intel

Strike on the Kerch ferry crossing on May 30
Strike on the Kerch ferry crossing on May 30

Ukrainian missile strikes on two roll-on-roll-off (RO-RO) rail ferries in Russian-occupied Crimea have rendered them non-operational, the UK Defense Ministry reported on X on June 6.

The ferries targeted by Ukrainian forces were the primary means of transporting Russian fuel and ammunition train loads across the Kerch Strait to Crimea.

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Russia also operates vehicle RO-RO ferries to transport heavy loads across the strait, intelligence officials said.

The degraded rail crossing capacity has caused significant temporary disruption to Russian military logistics operations and potentially Crimea's fuel supply.

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Russia will almost certainly be forced to replace the rail ferry service as soon as possible, likely impacting its wider maritime logistics operations, the UK Defense Ministry said.

The Ukrainian strike on the ferry crossings and a subsequent attack on a nearby fuel depot highlight the vulnerability of the strait to Ukrainian interdiction, despite Russia's significant investment in security and air defense, the report said.

The Ukrainian General Staff confirmed on May 30 that Ukrainian forces struck the Kerch ferry crossing with ATACMS missiles. Two ferries transporting railway and automobile cargo were damaged, they said.

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