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Ukraine hasn’t abandoned idea of presidential elections, says political scientist

During the war, the elections will resemble a vote of confidence in the president, Ihor Reiterovych believes
During the war, the elections will resemble a vote of confidence in the president, Ihor Reiterovych believes

Ukraine has not abandoned the idea of holding at least presidential elections, with the current likelihood standing at 50-50, political analyst Ihor Reiterovych, said in an interview with Radio NV, on Oct. 12.

Reiterovych said that there is a serious debate within the government about the possibility of conducting elections in Ukraine during times of war.

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“Different options and modalities for these elections are being discussed. They are considering which elections could be held in Ukraine during hostilities,” Reiterovych explained.

“This issue has become particularly relevant recently. I believe that discussions on this matter will intensify, at the very least until December, as December will be the month when final decisions need to be made – whether to plan something or not, at least for the first half of the next year,” he added.

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Reiterovych believes that this indicates that the government has not abandoned the idea of conducting at least presidential elections.

“The probability is quite high – 50-50. Some might say it’s only half, but in the current circumstances, this is a fairly high indicator. So, specific mechanisms for how this can be done are already being discussed,” Reiterovych said.

He also pointed out that in the current conditions, presidential elections would resemble a “plebiscite, essentially a vote of confidence.” Thus, the key question now is how positively citizens, in the government’s opinion, will react to the idea of holding elections during a time of war.

He also noted that the decision to hold elections would depend on the situation on the front lines.

In an interview with the Romanian publication Digi24 on Oct. 11, Zelenskyy addressed the possibility of running for re-election, stating, “If the war continues – yes, if the war ends – no.”

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He further emphasized the importance of holding elections across the entire territory of the country, including the participation of the military and Ukrainian citizens living abroad.

In August, Zelenskyy acknowledged the impossibility of holding elections during a state of martial law but expressed his readiness to make changes to the legislation. When questioned about concerns over losing in the elections, he boldly responded, “I am not afraid of losing.”

According to a September survey conducted by the Razumkov Center, 64% of Ukrainians are against holding nationwide elections in Ukraine until the end of the war.

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