Ukraine capable of shooting down Russian Zircon hypersonic missiles - Air Force

Illya Yevlash
Illya Yevlash

Ukraine's air defense system is capable of countering Russian Zircon hypersonic missiles with European SAMP/T and U.S. Patriot systems,  Air Force spokesman Illya Yevlash said on national television on March 27.

Despite the Zircon missiles achieving speeds up to nine Machs, with one Mach equaling about 1,200 kilometers per hour, their velocity drops once on a set trajectory, making them vulnerable to interception.

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"When Zircon's speed dips to about 4.5 Machs, our anti-ballistic missile systems, specifically the SAMP/T and Patriot, come into play to neutralize the threat," said Yevlash.  He also hinted that Russia's deployment of Zircon missiles might reflect a dwindling arsenal of other missile types.

He also suggested that Russia's use of Zircon missiles could indicate a shortage of other types of missiles.

Russia had shortened the intervals between massive airstrikes in order to find weaknesses in Ukrainian air defenses, Yevlash said on March 26.

Recent patterns indicate Russia is escalating its air assault frequency, aiming to pinpoint gaps in Ukraine's air defense. A notable instance was the downing of two suspected ZM22 Zircon missiles over Kyiv on March 25, marking the missile's second deployment after an initial use in February.

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10 people were injured, with two needing hospitalization, after rocket debris hit Mykhailo Boychuk Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts in Kyiv’s Pecherskyi district.

The enemy had stockpiled Zircon missiles in Crimea and would continue its targeted terror, especially against Kyiv, Southern Defense Forces spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk said on March 26.

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