Ukraine’s Air Force gains strategic edge with Swedish ASC 890 AEW&C aircraft

ASC 890 AEW&C aircraft
ASC 890 AEW&C aircraft

The ASC 890 radar reconnaissance and control (AEW&C) aircraft included in Sweden’s latest military aid package will significantly enhance the F-16 fighters’ capability to detect enemy targets from a safe distance, Ukraine’s Air Force spokesperson Illya Yevlash said on national television on May 30.

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“This aircraft is unique of its kind [...] it will allow us to detect targets such as Shahed drones when they try to hide somewhere in the folds of the terrain. It will see them from above and illuminate them,” he said.

“We will also be able to detect missiles and enemy aircraft in the early stages.”

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The aircraft also has the ability to detect enemy radar stations and provide their coordinates.

“This will help our systems and aircraft in the future, including the F-16, which will be a powerful reinforcement for detecting targets from a safe distance and marking them for our defense forces,” Yevlash said.

On May 29, the Swedish Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Tom Samuelsson said that Kyiv would receive two ASC 890 AEW&C aircraft from Stockholm as part of a €1.16 billion ($1.23 billion) military aid package, the largest to date.

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