UK Records 180 More Coronavirus Deaths In 24 Hours, Bringing Total To 36,573

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The latest figures were published on Saturday. 
The latest figures were published on Saturday.

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The number of people who have died across the UK after contracting coronavirus has risen by 180 in 24 hours.

The increase consists of 157 hospital patients in England, 16 people in Scotland, 1 person in Northern Ireland and 6 hospital patients and care home residents in Wales.

So far, no UK-wide figures from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) have been released, so the total is taken from each nation’s individual reporting.

It brings the working total to 36,573.

But the government tally, when it is released later today, will be significantly higher as it includes deaths in care homes (missing from the individual figures in at least England) and the community (missing from at least England and Wales). Here’s a quick primer on what all the different numbers mean and how to understand them.

Patients in England who died were aged between 12 and 100 years old, NHS England said. Seven of the 157 patients, aged between 57 and 88, had no known underlying health condition.

Of the 25,545 confirmed reported deaths so far in hospitals in England of people who tested positive for Covid-19, 13,507 (53%) have been people aged 80 and over while 9,814 (38%) were aged 60-79.

A further 2,026 (8%) were aged 40-59, with 182 (1%) aged 20-39 and 16 (0.06%) aged 0-19, according to NHS England.

The number of deaths announced so far by University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust stands at 884 – the highest number for any trust in England.


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