Man confronts ‘trainer’ who fat-shamed ‘nervous’ youth in gym

A UK gym-goer has filmed himself confronting a personal trainer for fat shaming a ‘nervous’ young man trying to do weights.

The man, who appears to own a fitness company based at Gateshead, near Newcastle, posted the video to Facebook last week - it has since had more than 250,000 views.

He said he was at the gym when he noticed a nervous, inexperienced man hiding in the corner.

“He then plucks up the courage to go to the weight section… he is mid-set when I see a gym trainer interrupt his set and vocally fat shame him aloud,” he wrote alongside the footage.

The man said he watched on as the trainer teased the amateur about eating kebabs and mocked his stomach, before shaming him about the amount of weight he was lifting.

After the trainer walked away, the trainee put his weights back and left the gym.

Infuriated by what he’d just watched, the man decided to confront the trainer about his behaviour. 

“Do you think it’s acceptable the way you spoke to that lad in the gym?” he asked.

A man has filmed himself confronting a personal trainer for fat shaming a ‘nervous’ client at a gym. Source: Facebook

The trainer said the other man was a friend.

“But do you think it’s acceptable? You’re professional your job aren’t ya? You fat shamed him twice, you strength shamed him and now he’s left,” he continued.

The man said the trainer had also gossiped about the short amount of time the other man had spent at the gym.

“Obviously he’s nervous isn’t he - why do you think he’s left so soon. 

“You’re better than this man, you’re here to motivate people and make them feel good about themselves.

“He’s probably not gonna come back for a month now,” he finished before walking away.

He later offered to help the third man train at his private gym.

“To the lad who left, if you somehow see this and realise it was you, get in contact with me and you can train in our private gym just you and me… keep going and don’t give up. You’ve got this.”

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