UK celebrities share ‘golden memories’ of working with Matthew Perry

UK celebrities have shared their memories of working with the Friends actor Matthew Perry, who died on Saturday in Los Angeles.

Lucy Davis, who starred in the UK version of The Office, said acting alongside Perry in TV series Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip from 2006-2007 was a “golden memory.”

Perry, who also appeared in films including 17 Again and The Whole Nine Yards, died at the age of 54 after an apparent drowning.

Lucy Davis
Lucy Davis co-starred in Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (PA)

In a post to X, formerly Twitter, Davis wrote about the time she had spent with the star, adding: “He was really kind to me: I had one week where I was having difficulty with something at work and he came up to me and told me not to worry because he had my back.

“He was generous with his compliments to me when we acted together.

“One day I told him about one of my favourite moments of his in Friends – it was a really tiny moment that perhaps no one would remember – and after I told him he looked at me confused for a moment, and then said ‘wow, 10 years of an award-winning show and that’s the bit you bring me!’

“Then he smiled at me and said that’s why he liked it….

“Knowing him for just those 9 months has remained a golden memory for me.

London Evening Standard British Film Awards – Press Room – London
Matthew Perry has died aged 54 according to reports (Ian West/PA)

“Matthew had been on my fairly small bucket list of people I wanted to work with one day.

“I never had the courage to tell him that and I wish I did. Shocked he is no longer with us, but those memories will remain with me always.

“Thanks for all the laughs Matthew. You made a great impact on me.”

In a follow-up post she revealed her favourite scene was when Ross tells Chandler Bing, played by Perry, he saw Rachel kiss a man on a balcony.

Chandler tells Ross he wanted Monica to put lights out there but she said that no one goes out there so he responded: “Maybe if we put some lights out there they will”.

Journalist and author Jon Ronson spoke of Perry’s generosity, having worked with him nine years ago when he wrote and directed The Dog Thrower for Sky Arts.

Ronson said: “He was extremely thoughtful and generous, even letting us stay in his home, for no reason other than kindness.

“Anyway, when someone is that kind, you should let people know, hence this tweet.”

Fresh Meat star Kimberley Nixon also worked with Perry on The Dog Thrower and said he was a “brilliant actor” and “brilliant writer”.

Recalling their work together, she wrote on X: “Like everyone else, I grew up with Chandler Bing.

“When I became an actor, I not only got the chance to work with Matthew Perry but discover what a truly lovely guy he was.

“A brilliant actor. A brilliant writer. So open and honest about things he struggled with.

“Nothing but admiration for him. Such a sad loss.”

First Dates bar tender Merlin Griffiths said he had served Perry at the Chelsea Harbour Club.

He said: “He’d just finished playing tennis and he and his friend each had a giant spinach-based super-juice thingumajig.

“He then pulled out a pack of Marlborough Lights and asked me for a light.

“You obviously couldn’t smoke in a health club bar, despite it being prior to 2007, and so I gave him my Clipper and pointed him towards the terrace.

“That was the last I saw of him. He stole my lighter, a good one too. It’s OK Matthew, you can keep it. Rest in Peace buddy.”