UK announces $75 million military aid package for Ukraine

UK announces new military aid package to include drones
UK announces new military aid package to include drones

London will allocate a $75 million security assistance package for Ukraine, focused on recon UAVs and air defense systems, the UK Defense Ministry announced on March 22.

“A new £60 million ($65 million) package of military support from the UK-administered International Fund for Ukraine will provide advanced new surveillance drones to support Ukraine’s Armed Forces,” the announcement says.

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The message also specified that one-third of the funds would be allocated to bolster air defense systems to "help keep Ukrainian skies safe."

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On March 7, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace in Kyiv. Zelenskyy and Wallace discussed further strengthening Ukraine’s air defenses and long-range strike capability.

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Following the meeting, the UK announced it will allocate about $416 million for supplying Ukrainian servicemen with advanced UAVs throughout 2024.

On March 21, Chair of the House of Commons Defense Committee, Jeremy Quin, said that Western countries are doing “shamefully little” to counter Russia and its armed aggression against Ukraine.

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