Uber Eats slammed over ‘perplexing’ questions sent to customers

Uber Eats is being criticised for asking customers “perplexing” questions.

New Zealanders who have recently used the app said the food delivery service has sent them a questionnaire about their mental health.

“During the last month, how often have you felt happy?" it asks, as well as "During the last month, how often have you felt negative?”

A number of answer options are also provided.

The Mental Health Foundation's Sean Robinson told Radio NZ’s Checkpoint program he found the questionnaire “perplexing”.

Uber Eats in New Zealand is being criticised for a question being posed to customers. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

Mr Robinson said while he lives with bipolar disorder, and wants open conversations about mental health, he can’t understand why a food delivery service is asking about mental health.

"The only thing I can guess at is they want to use it to try use manipulative marketing to try sell me different types of food,” he said.

Uber Eats said the survey was created to establish how customers enjoy the app, rate their experience with the food and their “general sentiment”.

It apologised this was not made clearer.

But Mr Robinson asked what the app is doing with the information, adding it introduces a number of privacy and ethical issues.

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