Uber driver to face trial over teen rape allegation

A Brisbane Uber driver who allegedly raped a teenage girl after she had gone to buy ice-cream has been committed to stand trial.

Anil Elavithungal Thomas was supposed to take the 16-year-old from a supermarket back to a nearby friend’s home at Manly West in July, 2017.

Instead, police allege he detoured to a dark vacant block, parked between trees and raped and sexually assaulted the girl as she cried and repeatedly told him no.

She was then driven back to her friend’s house.

A few days later the alleged attack was reported to police and Thomas was charged.

Thomas has been committed to stand trial at Brisbane District Court on a date to be fixed.

Anil Elavithungal Thomas, leaves the Brisbane Magistrates Court in Brisbane Tuesday, June 12, 2018. Source: AAP