The U.S. will not return military instructors to Ukraine until after the war - Top General Brown

General of the Staff Charles Brown, Jr. on Capitol Hill in Washington, USA, April 9
General of the Staff Charles Brown, Jr. on Capitol Hill in Washington, USA, April 9

U.S. military instructors will likely return to their role of working with the Ukrainian military - but only after the war is over, Joint Chiefs of Staff chair, General Charles Brown said at a May 20 press conference.

U.S. soldiers trained Ukrainians until February 2022, Brown said.

"This is not happening now," he clarified.

'When I said that we could do it again someday eventually, that's once the military conflict is over - when the situation is better; then I suspect we'll be able to bring in instructors. But there are currently no plans to return American instructors to Ukraine."

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Possible deployment of NATO troops to Ukraine

After a conference on supporting Ukraine held in Paris on Feb. 26, French President Emmanuel Macron said that Ukraine's Western allies would create a coalition to provide Ukrainian Armed Forces with long-range weapons, and that sending Western troops to Ukraine in future should not be ruled out.

In response to Macron's statements, Poland, United States, Germany, Czechia, Canada, and United Kingdom publicly rejected idea of sending troops to Ukraine.

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Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas and Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anušauskas kept open the possibility of sending troops, but clarified that they would be only for training missions.

General Onno Eichelsheim, Chief of General Staff of Dutch Army, said that “all options should be open.”

Ukraine's European NATO allies have been studying the possibility of troop deployment for weeks, AFP reported.

French troops could help Ukraine protect certain borders, take part in exercises, or aid ground air defense, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal said on Feb. 29. He dismissed the possibility of French soldiers participating in battles “directly on the frontlines.”

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said that NATO foreign ministers agreed on April 4 to create a special NATO mission to increase support for Ukraine.

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