How two young men saved life of seizuring mum and her toddler

Two young men have been recognised after saving the life of a mother and caring for her three-year-old child.

The Maple Heights Police Department in Ohio highlighted Rayfield Hallman and Steven William Wood’s heroic actions in a Facebook post on Wednesday (local time).

They stopped to help 42-year-old mother Latonya Perry who was having a seizure as they were driving by her home on Sunday evening (local time).

Two young men in Ohio stopped to help mother Latonya Perry, 42, who was having a seizure with her daughter nearby. Source: Fox8

The woman was lying in her doorway half-conscious with her daughter nearby.

Mr Hallman “almost continued on, but out of concern for a small child being alone, he stopped to check and make sure everything was okay”, the police wrote.

“Rayfield and Steven called 911 to get the woman help, and took the toddler and sat her in their vehicle to get her out of the cold.

“They even grabbed the victim’s small poodle which was outside with her. They stood by until we arrived on scene and determined that the woman was suffering from some sort of seizure.”

The fire department transported the mum to hospital and the police spoke to a neighbour who provided the husband’s contact information.

Police say the men’s actions saved not only the woman’s life but her three-year-old daughter’s (pictured) as well. Source: Fox8
Rayfield Hallman and Steven William Wood stopped to assist the mother who was having a seizure as they were driving by her home. Source: Facebook/Maple Heights Police Department

“Rayfield and Steven’s decision to show concern for another person probably saved not only the woman’s life, but possibly saved the life of her daughter, who was outside in the night cold [2C] and at the young age of 3 yrs old, did not have the wherewithal to take action to care for herself.

“I’m sure that other people drove past and decided not to do anything,” the Facebook post read.

“But because Rayfield and Steven decided to show a high level of character and compassion, the woman, her daughter and her dog should be fine.”

The police wrote both men were given gift cards to the restaurant Mr. Chicken and “a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ for going out of their way to help someone else, showing everyone else that compassion for our fellow man is still an applicable characteristic in our world”.

Yahoo Lifestyle could not reach the Maple Heights Police Department for comment, and relatives of Hallman and Wood did not return Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.