Two missing members of NT trio found alive

Two people have been found alive a fortnight after they went missing in the Northern Territory outback, while one remains lost.

Here's how their story unfolded.

November 19 - Tamra McBeath-Riley, Claire Hockridge and Phu Tran get lost on a drive in the Finke River area outside of Alice Springs, with their ute later becoming bogged

November 21 - They abandon the ute and walk 1.5km to find help, drinking from a cattle watering hole to stay alive

November 23 - The trio are reported missing to police

November 28 or thereabouts - The group run out of food and decide to split up. Ms Hockridge and Mr Tran head north, towards the Stuart Highway, about 20km away. Ms McBeath-Riley stays at the waterhole

December 1 - Ms McBeath-Riley and her dog are rescued at the watering hole

December 3 - Mr Tran was found alive in the Palmer Valley area