Two Gold Coast mates with one unplugged thong foil a robbery while on the way home

Eammon Atkinson, Sarah Greenhalgh and Nicholas McCallum

A Gold Coast man has reportedly told the media he isn't a hero after he and a friend foiled a robbery of an Oporto's fast-food restaurant during a merry, late-night stroll – recording their whole effort.

The pair, James Ross-Munroe and friend Kane Wiblen thought their night would not get anymore exciting when the former's thong came unplugged.

The video of their attempts, which was originally posted to Kane's Facebook page on Saturday morning, has become viral, now being seen more than 2 million times.

"Oh I busted me plugger, twice… she's f***ed," Mr Ross-Munroe said.

James Ross-Munroe manged to take the keys from the stolen car. Source: 7 News

That's when they noticed a white commodore parked outside the restaurant in Arundel.

"Oi Kane.. robbing the place," he said.

Kane Wiblen can be seen on CCTV filming the alleged incident. Source: 7News

And his mate replied: "You're s***ing me they are too!"

Kane Wiblen told 7News, "I thought this is a good opportunity. I had my phone still out, so I was like oh I'm going to go and make a nice video of this."

"People from overseas, all different countries, have been sending me like nice messages saying good on youse," said Kane Wiblen.

Mr Ross-Munroe said he could not abide people stealing things. Source: 7 News

With the camera still recording, the pair ran up to try and get evidence of the registration plate – only to find none at either end of the car.

Shirtless and shoe-less, a quick-thinking Ross-Munroe pulled the keys from the ignition and yelled at a nearby service station attendant to call the police.

"I just thought (it might be) a stolen car, maybe like a family's car," Mr Ross-Munroe told 7 News.

"Yeah, so I'm not really a big fan of people who do that sort of thing."

The thieves got away, but not before one took a punch to the face. Source: 7 News

Kane Wiblen said his father, who is a police officer, is glad it all turned out ok.

"He thinks it's funny. He's very proud. He's been calling up everyone telling everyone about it," Kane told 7News.

Kane Wiblen was captured on CCTV filming the incident. Source: 7News

The robbers tried to flee in the vehicle but there were no keys and Mr Ross-Munroe threw a punch, retelling his tale on Facebook the following morning and gaining a lot fame for his heroics.

Police said they arrested one 23-year-old man with facial injuries this morning but he was released without charge.

An investigation into the robbery continues, with police confirming the car was stolen.


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