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Two charged with murder over body found in wheelie bin

Two people have been charged with the murder of an Adelaide man whose dismembered body was found in a wheelie bin.

A 51-year-old man and a 49-year-old woman have been charged over the death of Geoffrey McLean, 55, whose remains were found in the bin on a vacant block in the city's north in October last year.

He had been reported missing several weeks earlier.

Only his torso was found in the bin with police still trying to locate his head and limbs.

On Friday detectives searched a house in Adelaide's north after taking the woman into custody.

They said she was known to Mr McLean.

The man was arrested on Thursday and was believed to be known to the woman.

As well as murder, he was also charged with aggravated assault, aggravated serious criminal trespass and attempted murder with the additional offences related to a number of attacks on Mr McLean in April last year.

The woman was further charged with aggravated assault, aggravated serious criminal trespass, attempted murder, arson and aggravated cause serious harm, also related to previous attacks on the dead man.

Detective Inspector Mark McEachern said investigations were ongoing with a focus on finding the rest of Mr McLean's remains.

He said detectives strongly suspected other people were involved in the dismemberment, removal and storage of the body.

"So further arrests are quite possible," he said.

"Obviously, this is a particularly stressful time for the family. It's bad enough having someone in your family murdered but when you can't find remains or a body, it's even more distressing.

"They've got very mixed emotions. This is another development for them to deal with and try and cope with."

Insp McEachern said anyone with information about the location of Mr McLean's outstanding remains was urged to come forward.

He said police remain positive that they would be found.

"That will be the driving force in the investigation," he said.