Two Australians hurt in Taiwan train crash

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Two Australians have been treated for minor injuries following a deadly train crash in Taiwan.

The Friday accident left at least 50 dead and is the country's worst rail accident in seven decades.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade was checking with Taiwanese authorities as to whether other Australians were involved, a spokesperson said on Saturday.

The train was carrying almost 500 people on its way from Taiwan's capital, Taipei, to Taitung on the east coast when it derailed in a tunnel just north of Hualien.

The accident occurred after an express train hit a truck that had slid down a bank next to the track from a construction site in the country's east.

Authorities have warned more bodies could be found in the wreckage.

Taiwanese prosecutors have sought to detain a construction site manager whose truck is believed to have caused the accident.

The manager is suspected of having failed to engage the brake properly.