Twitter ordered to unmask user details

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An Australian judge has ordered social media giant Twitter hand over the personal details of an anonymous user before a planned defamation case.

Far right activist Avi Yemini asked the Federal Court to force Twitter to expose the real identity of the Twitter user known as PRGuy.

Mr Yemini wants to sue the user, but can't without knowing their real identity.

Twitter was given 14 days to hand over to Mr Yemini basic subscriber details, under orders handed down by Justice Debbie Mortimer on Tuesday.

Those include the name used on the account at the time the information is to be produced, as well as the email address used at the time of registration and production.

IP address details including at the time of registration, from December 31 last year to February 11 this year, and from March 12 to May 20 this year are also to be given to Mr Yemini.

Twitter last month challenged Mr Yemini's application and had intended to take the issue to a hearing.

The parties were told that could not happen before September at the earliest.

The order also requires Mr Yemini file a notice to discontinue his action against Twitter.

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