Twitter is freaking out over 'butt ticks' on 'Naked & Afraid'

Andrew, one of the contestants on Naked and Afraid Sunday, found himself in an uncomfortable situation after some ticks found their way onto his backside where only a medic could get to them. It started on night four when Andrew first mentioned that he thought he’d been bitten. The next morning, a medic removed multiple “butt ticks” as Andrew called them. But the damage had already been done, it would just take several more days to learn how serious the situation was. After the other contestant, Elizabeth, was stung by a scorpion, the medic decided to check out Andrew’s tick bites after treating her and found the bites to be infected. Not only that, but they had to be drained immediately, which meant no anesthetic for Andrew, who yelled in pain as the medic drained the infected bites. The medic came to the conclusion that it was best for Andrew and Elizabeth to call it quits.