Twitch streamer’s space heater ‘explodes’ and abruptly disconnects livestream

A Twitch streamer shocked his audience after his space heater exploded and took him offline.

Gamer @DuckBoxing had fans wondering if he was OK on Nov. 16. The content creator is known for playing games like Vampire Survivors, Barbie Dreamhouse Party and Super Mario 64.

But when he was using Twitch’s Just Chatting feature, his small electric heater caught fire. Moments later, he abruptly disconnected from the live stream.

While talking directly to a community member over the chat feed, his space heater near a fabric storage bin on the floor began to flicker. Then it made a loud sizzling noise. He turned around to see what was happening, and the live stream suddenly cut off.

Later on Twitter, the gamer briefly explained what happened. He wrote, “My heater exploded and turned off stream.”

According to Gamerant, @DuckBoxing resumed streaming that night. He uploaded the clip of the incident on Twitch, adding that it blew the power to his whole house. It has more than 70,000 views.

“The heater shorted out,” he said in an update. “Blew a fuse to the house. I don’t know maybe some water got in there or something?”

Consumer Reports states space heaters are responsible for an average of 1,7000 house fires annually. They are particularly combustible near furniture, bedding and curtains.

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