Twin boys, 3, found locked in cage while parents went to work

Three-year-old twins were found locked in a small wooden box with a padlock and chain, while their parents went to work.

The police found the two boys trapped inside the wooden crate, “without toys, without a pillow and without any comfort”.

The disturbing discovery was made by police officers in the town of Aparecidinha in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo.

Police officials told reporters they had received an anonymous tip-off that the two toddlers were locked inside the box and officers then went to the house.

The police found the two boys locked inside the wooden box which had a padlock and chain on it.

Police officials in Brazil told reporters they found twin boys locked in box after receiving an anonymous tip-off. Source: CEN/ Australscope

A shocking photo shows the wooden crate in the corner of a room next to a couch. The wooden crate has a few vertical air holes, between the wooden slat. It appears that the two children are trying to push parts of their body out of the air holes.

The two boys have been taken to a shelter whilst the parents, both farmers, were arrested and taken to a police station on suspicion of infant mistreatment.

“The parents said they kept the boys in the box so they could carry out their tasks in the home and in the fields,” Police captain Sonimarcos told reporters.

“But the space was very small and was even split into two so the brothers did not touch each other. Without toys, without a pillow and without any comfort,” he said.

The parents were taken to a local police station where they gave statements before being released.
The boys are currently being kept at a shelter as the case continues and it is unclear if the parents have been charged.

Police captain Sonimarcos confirmed that the twins did not show any signs of having been the victims of physical aggression.

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