TV host, 49, called 'foolish' for showing off her legs in a short Emmys dress

If you’re ever feeling good about yourself and you need to stay humble, set your Instagram or Facebook account to public and let the trolls of the world tell you exactly how they feel.

Parts of your body that you didn’t even know could be wrong are so wrong.

Maybe you have a fivehead instead of a forehead, maybe your eyes are so wide set they look afraid of each other, or maybe you have something called “saggy knees” — whatever that is.  The internet will point it out.

Lara Spencer, a television presenter best known for ABC’s Good Morning America and Flea Market Flip, shared a photo of her Emmys night look on Instagram, where she wore a silver Alice + Olivia dress and Revolve boots, exposing her legs.

The 49-year-old TV personality was then age-shamed for showing her (gasp!) human woman legs by a commenter who wrote, “I feel embarrassed for you. Can you not see that you do not have “young” legs?… #Saggyknees”

An Instagram comment age shaming Lara Spencer for showing her legs. (Photo: Instagram)

No one asked you, dee ess em tee kay one! 

Another felt the need to add, “You’re not a 20 year old and look foolish dressed as such.”

Haters gonna hate. (Photo: Instagram)

One commenter even decided to bring the presenter’s children into the conversation.

Age-shaming on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my mother could wear Lil Kim’s outfit from the 1999 MTV’s Video Music Awards if it made her happy, and I would be totally fine with it — and she’s a lot older than Lara Spencer. (Sorry, mum.)

Thankfully, these Negative Nancies were called out for being rude AF by more sane fans.

People can be so cruel and over-[opinionated] … You look happy and healthy and proud. You rocked it lady,” one wrote.

Another added, “Reading just a couple comments and wow…..people are really judgemental, but more likely just jealous. You are gorgeous from head to toe. A great athletic build. I envy you! So beautiful!!”

One writer summed it up best, writing, “Confidence is absolutely stunning at any and all ages, you look fantastic!” 

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