'Trying to trick people': Drivers hit out at 'confusing' street sign

Confused Perth drivers have accused a local council of employing “sneaky revenue raising” tactics by overcomplicating parking signs in a bid to catch residents out.

Spotted in the City of Vincent region, the top half of the sign claims motorists need to purchase a ticket at any point between 7am and midnight.

But right underneath that is a second instruction that says drivers need to purchase a two hour ticket between 7 am and 7pm.

The seemingly contradictory instructions created a sense of confusion online, sparking a debate as to whether a ticket is required between 7pm and midnight.

Confused drivers said the parking sign displayed conflicting instructions. Source: Facebook/WA Flip Board

“This is classic council revenue raising,” one Reddit user wrote.

“Typical government bureaucracy,” another wrote.

“This is confusing.”

Others pointed out that while the signs do appear conflicting, they do make sense. They said there is a two-hour limit between 7am and 7pm on Monday to Friday but an unrestricted ticket is still required from 7pm to midnight.

A council spokesperson confirmed that this was the case, saying that a ticket is required to park in the area from 7am until midnight every day of the week.

They said there was only a limited amount of information that could be conveyed on any sign, advising any confused drivers that they can find a breakdown of the parking system at each ticket machine.

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