Trump teases VP pick whilst revelling in Democratic turmoil

Trump teases VP pick whilst revelling in Democratic turmoil

Former President Donald Trump is expected to announce his Republican running mate soon and Florida Senator Marco Rubio seems to be the top contender.

Trump repeatedly played into the speculation that he might elevate Rubio as he rallied his supporters at one of his Miami-area golf courses.

Although the deadline to announce his VP is approaching, Trump seems in no rush, as the political world's attention is still centred on questions about Biden's ability to govern for another four-year term.

Trump challenges Biden to a golf game

Speaking from the 10th hole of his course, Trump challenged President Joe Biden to another debate or even a golf game.

“Our victory was so absolute that Joe’s party now wants him to throw in the towel and surrender the presidency after a single 90-minute performance," Trump said. "They want ‘Crooked Joe’ out of the race. It’s a shame the way they’re treating him. But don’t feel sorry for him. He’s a very bad guy.”

Rubio, a Miami native, was among the Florida politicians who spoke at the event.

At one point, Trump marvelled at the number of reporters in attendance and said, “I think they probably think I’m going to be announcing that Marco is going to be vice president.”

Biden's team fight back

In response James Singer, a spokesperson for Biden's campaign, challenged Trump to create jobs, saying in a statement: “We’d challenge Donald Trump to create jobs, but he lost 3 million. We’d challenge Donald Trump to stand up to Putin, but he bent the knee to him. We’d challenge Donald Trump to follow the law, but he breaks it."

Singer also said, “Joe Biden doesn’t have time for Donald Trump’s weird antics — he’s busy leading America and defending the free world."

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., arrives to speak before Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump at a campaign rally
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., arrives to speak before Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump at a campaign rally - Marta Lavandier/Copyright 2024 The AP. All Rights Reserved.

Trump shifts attention to Harris

As the infighting continues, some Democrats are pushing for a new candidate, namely Kamala Harris, but President Joe Biden is insistent that he will not withdraw from the race and Harris will be his VP.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris's name started to pop up everywhere, shifting Trump's focus. He called her “Laughing Kamala," and referred to the “Biden-Harris administration,” rather than just pinning actions on Biden as he had for months, and blamed Harris for the White House's immigration policies.

“Despite all the Democrat panic this week, the truth is, it doesn’t matter who they nominate because we are going to beat any one of them in thundering landslides and this November’s going to be amazing," he said.

Rubio still keeps his cards closed

Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, is seen as a potential running mate who could help Trump as he tries to secure support from Hispanic Americans, a point the senator emphasised in his remarks as he switched several times in his remarks to Spanish.

The senator did not openly acknowledge any of the speculation about him joining Trump as a running mate. He instead skewered not only Biden, whom he called “the figurehead of a left-wing government, shadow government," but Harris, whom he would need to debate head-on if he's chosen for Trump's ticket.

Rubio referred to Harris not by name at first but called her Biden's “replacement” and “a real-life, verified left-winger." At another point in his remarks, he mocked the way Harris laughs.

He notably seemed to insert himself into Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” slogan by saying: “Together, we’re not just going to make it great again. We elect this man as president, we will make together America greater than it has ever been.”