'Trump found guilty' and 'splits in Labour ranks'

The headline on the front page of the Times reads: "Trump found guilty in hush money trial". A large image in the centre of the front page is a close-up shot of Trump in court.
The front page of the Mirror. The main headline reads: "Trump guilty". The paper carries an up close image of Trump looking down as he leaves court.
"Trump guilty", is the Mirror's headline. The paper's entire front page is dedicated to the verdict, which it describes as "historic". [BBC]
The headline on the front page of the i reads: "Guilty"
Speaking outside court, Trump called the verdict a "disgrace" and said the trail was "rigged", the i reports. "I'm a very innocent man," he told reporters. [BBC]
The headline on the front page of the Daily Star reads: "You've been tango'd"
The Daily Star brands Trump an "orange manbaby", with the paper's main image showing the 77-year-old looking solemn in court. [BBC]
The headline on the front page of the Guardian reads; "Pressure on Starmer to end 'purge of Labour left'
The headline on the front page of the Daily Express reads: "Exposed! Splits in Labour ranks"
The Daily Express reports Sir Keir was yesterday challenged by Ms Rayner to allow veteran MP Diane Abbott to stand at the general election, exposing divisions among the party's senior ranks. [BBC]
The headline on the front page of the Financial Times reads: "Voters brace for tax increases despite assurances from Labour and Tories"
Most British voters expect their taxes to go up after the general election whichever of the two main parties win, a poll by Ipsos for the Financial Times shows. Elsewhere, the main picture on the paper's front page is of Green Party co-leaders Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay at the launch of their general election campaign. [BBC]
The headline on the Metro front page reads: "'Cold-blooded monster'"
The sentencing of Fiona Beal, a teacher who pleaded guilty to murdering her partner, Nick Billingham, is the lead story in the Metro. A statement read out on behalf of Yvonne Valentine, Mr Billingham's mother, outside the Old Bailey yesterday said Beal had "demonstrated extraordinary evil", the paper reports. [BBC]
The headline on the front page of the Daily Mail reads: "Cancer patients to get tailored vaccines on NHS"
The Daily Mail reports that thousands of NHS patients will get personalised cancer vaccines over the next year, in a "landmark" breakthrough. It says the NHS is launching a "world-leading" scheme which will "match-make" patients with clinical trials. [BBC]
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