Trump campaign email: ‘Haul out the Guillotine!’

In a campaign email Wednesday, former President Trump continued his post-conviction threats of revenge against his enemies by sharing the message “Haul out the Guillotine!”

After being found guilty of 34 felony counts last month, Trump and his allies have had revenge on their to-do lists.

As he races to make up for lost time on the campaign trail, having spent weeks in a Manhattan courtroom, Trump shared the message with supporters, asking them to stand with him.

“Remember when that Sicko Kathy Griffin made the rounds parading my BEHEADED head when I was President?! The radical-left CHEERED! Obama and Biden were SILENT! And the Fake News BLASTED it everywhere!” Trump’s email said.

“The SAD and HORRIFIC TRUTH is that this is STILL the Sick Dream of every Trump-Deranged lunatic out there!” he continued. “And it’s not just me they want gone, THEY’RE REALLY COMING AFTER YOU!”

Later in the email, the former president said his historic guilty verdict didn’t make him flinch. He argued that his various legal battles won’t stop him but support from his voter base “keeps the Trump Train in motion,” and there has never been a more critical time to “shout with your chest and say I’m voting Trump.”

On multiple occasions, the former president said his ultimate revenge would be winning the election this fall, but he also argued in interviews that it’s “very possible” Democrats could face prosecution, and he would have “every right to go after them” after his guilty verdict.

He’s routinely argued it would be fair game to target his opponents ever since he was indicted in the multiple cases, but in the wake of his conviction, those threats have become more explicit.

The Hill has reached out to the Trump campaign for comment.

The Biden campaign said the American people have “had enough” with Trump’s “dangerous rhetoric” and are ready to protect democracy at the polls this fall.

“Convicted felon Donald Trump is so obsessed with his own election loss that he’s become unhinged, railing about guillotines and beheadings while excusing the violence we saw at our Capitol on January 6 and laying the groundwork for more violence if he loses again,” Biden-Harris senior spokesperson Sarafina Chitika said in a statement.

Updated on June 13 at 10:05 a.m. EDT

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