Trump ally criticizes Cameron's push for Ukraine support in US

David Cameron
David Cameron

Elbridge Colby, a prominent supporter of former U.S. President Donald Trump, has openly criticized British Foreign Secretary David Cameron for his recent efforts to rally U.S. support for Ukraine. According to Politico on May 2, Colby accused Cameron of "moralizing" and "lecturing" American politicians during his visits to Washington.

Colby, who is tipped to be the national security adviser should Trump win a second term, contrasted Cameron's approach unfavorably with that of David Lammy, the opposition British Labor Party's lead on foreign affairs. "Based on what I can see, David Lammy is far preferable to David Cameron, obviously. I mean absolutely," Colby stated.

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Cameron's advocacy in Washington, which included urging Congress to pass aid for Ukraine, was described by Colby as "an astounding intervention into the American system" and likened to "foreign intervention."

Colby also criticized Cameron’s track record as British Prime Minister, particularly his role in reducing the size of the British armed forces and what he referred to as the "panda hug" of China in the early 2010s. "So it’s really the height of audacity for such a person to be coming and lecturing us," Colby concluded.

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During his visit in early April, as reported by The Guardian, Cameron held discussions about U.S. aid to Ukraine, which was facing congressional hurdles at the time. Despite meeting with Trump, Cameron's attempts to secure a commitment to support Ukraine did not succeed.

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