True story behind photo of house surrounded by toys revealed

The heartwarming true story behind a small home surrounded by dozens of toys has been revealed.

A postal worker from the US posted an image of the home on Facebook this week, saying she had passed by the home for years but only recently learned of the reason behind its unusual decorations.

She said the house sits on a road that is also home to a “very old cemetery”.

“This person is one of the groundskeepers for that cemetery and if you zoom in you’ll see all those toys and trinkets lining the cement around the house,” she wrote alongside the image.

“Those toys and trinkets are items left at the cemetery by grieving parents, family members and friends for the children or whoever is buried there.

“When the cemetery has to be cleaned these toys have weathered in the sun and rain have to be removed to keep up the appearance grounds.”

The toys sit along the front of the home.
A postie said she had passed by the home for years but only recently learned of reason behind its unusual decorations. Source: Facebook

However, instead of throwing them away, the postie explained the groundskeeper takes them back to their house, writes the person’s name and information on the bottom and places them along the front.

The groundskeeper then prays over all the toys daily.

“When I first started the route I didn’t know the story and just thought it was a weird collection, now upon knowing it absolutely warms my heart,” she said.

People online touched by ‘wonderful sentiment’

The Facebook post attracted numerous comments, with many people saying it is “a wonderful sentiment”.

“This is super sweet. Thank you for sharing this,” a woman said.

“It’s good to know someone like this truly cares,” another wrote.

Grieving parents who have lost their own children also took to the post to share their appreciation for the gesture.

“People leave things at my son’s grave site and when they start weathering I bring them home and put them in my memorial garden for him,” a mum said.

“As a parent who has lost a child I absolutely love this!” another woman said.

“As someone that loves leaving grave gifts for people, I adore this story. How lovely and thoughtful,” one man said.

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