True Detective's Finn Bennett teases season finale ending

finn bennet, true detective
True Detective's Finn Bennett teases season finaleLilja Jons - Warner Bros.

Finn Bennett has teased a "gut-wrenching" season finale of True Detective: Night Country.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Bennett revealed his views on season 4’s final episode.

"Personally, I think a finale in a murder mystery, or any show that you could consider similar to this, is usually really disappointing," he began.

"And I watched this show, and I burst into tears, not only because I was so proud and overwhelmed with what we had achieved, but because of the ending and how satisfying it is and how gut-wrenching it is."

finn bennet, true detective
Lilja Jons - Warner Bros.

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Night Country sees Detectives Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis) and Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) investigate the disappearance of a number of men at a research station. Bennett, who plays Peter Prior, explained what viewers should expect in the upcoming episode.

"I think, one, be prepared to be satisfied. And, two, it is a real tear-jerker, in my opinion. I think it's beautiful, and I'm very, very proud of it. And also, be prepared to try and keep your mind open to it.

"I think what's so brilliant about True Detective, particularly season 1, is you can make your own explanation if you wish. You can lean into a supernatural element, if you wish, in that first season, and I think there's room for that here."

jodie foster in true detective night country

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Bennett also discussed what it was like working with Foster, admitting it was "one of the biggest fears I had going into this project".

"And then when you meet Jodie, you meet this woman who's maybe 5'2" tall, has a big smile, and she's so warm and kind and very intelligent, and she just wants you to do well. So that image falls away and it just becomes a very lovely working relationship against someone who you learn an awful lot from," he revealed.

True Detective: Night Country airs on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW in the UK. In the US, it airs on HBO.

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